France is a magical place loved by many for its unique diversity not only in landscape but in people. Although France is rooted in its tradition it also embraces the new challenges of the 21 century. France has a history that defines its people and their way of living. Love, romance and passion are present in all aspect of France's culture. The food, the architecture and the art are all breathtaking and cherished by everyone living in or visiting the country.

Learning to speak French can be fun and very rewarding. Here are few facts for those interested in learning French:

The French language is spoken by nearly 300 million people around the world. It is the official language in 29 different countries, including France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada. For this reason, learning French can be a valuable skill. French can help you in the field of international business and agencies, in the field of tourism and hospitality industries, the diplomatic service, the French speaking research institutes, teaching, translating or interpreting.


Associate of Arts Degree: Languages - French

FREN 101, First Course in French 5
FREN 102, Second Course in French 5
FREN 201, Third Course in French 5
FREN 202, Fourth Course in French 5
FREN 210, The Grammar of Spoken French I 3
FREN 211, The Grammar of Spoken French II 3
  Total = 26

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:

• Demonstrate preparedness for successful transition to the language program of four year institutions.
• Demonstrate accurate foreign language grammar including writing, speaking, and listening in the target language.
• Discuss the social and cultural life of Foreign Language speakers in the target language.
• Read and analyze writings in Foreign Language target areas.
• Accept and value other peoples.