An Important Language for Communication In Europe

Anyone who can speak German can easily communicate with around 100 million people in their own language for German is not only spoken in Germany but also in Austria, in large parts of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg as well as areas of Northern Italy, Eastern Belgium and Eastern France. Alongside Russian, German is the most frequently spoken native language in Europe and is one of the ten most frequently spoken languages in the World.

Doing Business with Germans

German is the most important trading partner for almost all European and many non-European countries. The ability to speak German improves business relationships with partners in the third largest industrial nation and one of the most important exporting countries in the world. Knowledge of German is a big advantage in business, as negotiations in a third language can easily lead to misunderstandings with costly consequences.

Opportunities on The Job Market

Knowledge of German improves your chances on the job market. Many German companies abroad, many foreign companies in Germany and companies with close business connections with the German speaking countries all look to recruit workers with language qualifications. Within the European Union it is not only specialists but also students and scientists with knowledge of German who can find many interesting training, study and job opportunities.

Associate of Arts Degree: Languages - German

GERM 101, First Course in German 5
GERM 102, Second Course in German 5
GERM 201, Third Course in German 5
GERM 210, The Grammar of Spoken German I 3
GERM 211, The Grammar of Spoken German II 3
  Total = 21