Many people rate Italian as the most beautiful spoken language in the world

Traveling in Italy is intensely pleasurable, with about everything you can dream of : the richest historical sites in Europe, you can visit, cathedrals, circuses, monasteries, paintings, sculptures, and museums.

Italian food is one of the most attractive and tasteful cooking in the world. It can be said easily that it is in the same class as their exquisite and historic artwork.

The people are beautiful and elegant with world class designers.

Italy is rated in the top three for health care in the world.

Italy is one of the top 10 tourist spots in the world.

The Italian language is strongly connected to art including renaissance painting, architecture, sculpture, and literature let's not forget the connection to music; piano (Verdi, Rossini), singer ( Pavarotti , the famous tenor), design ( interior, graphic, fashion and furniture design ) and of course, in the culinary arts also known as food.

The biggest Italian speaking community outside of Italy is in Toronto, Canada.

"Italy has always been my favorite country for tourism. It combines artistic treasures, friendly people, a beautiful language, fascinating history, and great food. You could be a tourist here for your whole life and still there would have been something worthwhile up a little country road or behind an obscure church that you hadn't seen."     - Philip Greenspun


Who Speaks Italian?

Italian is spoken by 65 million people primarily in Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland and Croatia. It is used by a significant part of population in Monaco, Albania France, Malta, in Eritrea and Somalia. Significant immigrant communities that speak Italian are found throughout the Americas (primarily United Sates, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela), Australia and Western Europe (primarily in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, and United Kingdom).

Italian Language Education

Italian is widely taught in many schools around the world. In Canada, Italian is the third most taught language.  In the United States, Italian ranks fourth (after Spanish, French, and German).

Italy is a Member of The G7

Since 1975, Italy is a member of the G7 (together with USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and UK), a coalition of the most prominent industrialized nations in the world that was founded to respond and control economic crises in the world.

Italy - USA : An Important Business Relationship

In 2006 Italian companies have exported goods and services to the USA for $32.6 billion, proof that demand for products made-in-Italy is still on the rise. Some of the most prominent sectors are that of home design (+3%) food and wine (+12.6 %) ICT (+9%) and instrumental mechanics (+5%).  Us companies have exported $12.6 billion to Italy in 2006.

Associate of Arts Degree: Languages - Italian

ITAL 101, First Course in Italian 5
ITAL 102, Second Course in Italian 5
ITAL 201, Third Course in Italian 5
ITAL 210, The Grammar of Spoken Italian 3
ITAL 211, The Grammar of Spoken Italian II 3
  Total = 21

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:
• Demonstrate preparedness for successful transition to the language program of four year institutions.
• Demonstrate accurate foreign language grammar including writing, speaking, and listening in the
target language.
• Discuss the social and cultural life of Foreign Language speakers in the target language.
• Read and analyze writings in Foreign Language target areas.
• Accept and value other peoples.