Welcome to Black Studies!

The Black Studies program delves into the historical and contemporary study of African people in Africa and the Americas. It provides enrichment in the social sciences and humanities by giving you the opportunity to link the tools of formal analysis to a specific cultural area in the African experience through courses in African history, art, economics, United States history, literature, music, psychology, sociology and politics from a Black perspective.

Career Options

Most careers related to Black Studies require education beyond the associate degree. Careers include social scientist, counselor, international businessperson, historian, social worker, teacher, and fields related to social justice and community activism.

Your career may be increased by adding a specialization at the undergraduate level. If you are preparing to transfer to a four-year university you may major in African Studies or humanities, law, social work, or public administration. This will enhance your opportunities in local, national, and international organizations, both public and private.

Meet The Faculty

Darius Spearman, Chair
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Alazar Tesfamariam

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