"Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history."

- Abraham Lincoln

"Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft."

- Winston Churchill

History is the study of human experience from the dawn of time to the present. Our program will challenge you to critically analyze the past and investigate diverse voices and historical events from different perspectives to shape a better future.

All history courses fulfill general education requirements in American Institutions, Humanities, and Social Sciences and transfer to four-year institutions.

Job Skills

Our history courses help you develop and improve job skills relating to communication, organizational abilities, time-management, and team-work, making you employable in the 21st century job market.

Building a Career

The most common career options include: historian, journalist, lawyer, librarian, professor, teacher, policy-maker, writer, and business person. However, history majors can be found in a variety of careers including science, technology, and politics.

Meet the Faculty

Peter Haro
Teaching and Interest: U.S. History, History of the Americas, U.S. Military History

Susan Hasegawa
Teaching and Interest: U.S. History, Asian American Studies, and Japanese American History

Sofia Laurein
Teaching and Interest: Ancient World History, Modern World History, Western Civilization, History of Organized Crime in the United States, Medieval History, Renaissance History, History of French Revolution

Top 5 Reasons We Study History:

  1. Studying History is exciting.
  2. Studying History helps us analyze and solve modern world problems.
  3. Studying History gives us understanding of other people and cultures.
  4. Studying History helps us to appreciate different perspectives and interpretations.
  5. History is FUN!!