Dear Campus Community and Academic Senate delegates,

We are so excited to announce that we will be having our senate meeting in person after two years of working remotely (April 11 from 2:30 to 4:30pm). Although, it has been a pleasure to meet via zoom we are looking forward to the beautiful energy we create when people are sharing a physical space. 

Senators have a crucial role as they represent their departments/ programs when voting on issues presented at the senate. We are eager to be able to engage in these meaningful and debatable matters that fall under the purview of our 10+1. 

We are taking all precautions to make sure our meeting is safe and we are comfortable. We will be meeting outdoor at the A building patio. We are setting up the tables in a way that you can keep social distance. We will have equipment to show presentations as well as microphones. Please make sure you wear your mask (extra points if you wear your City College mask 😉)

Our senate meetings are public and everyone is welcome! The more engagement from our faculty, the more powerful our senate becomes. 

In unity,

María-José Zeledón-Pérez, Ed.D

Interim President


Ira Garcia, Admin Assistant IV

(619) 388-3578

Room A-305A




2022 - 2023 SDCC Academic Senate Executive Committee:

President: Maria-Jose Zeledon-Perez
Past President: Paul Alexander 
President of Chairs Cabinet: Nadia Mandilawi 
Secretary: Mona Alsoraimi-Espiritu 
Treasurer: Darius Spearman 
Adjunct Officer: Robert Chambers
Curriculum Review Committee Chair: Jen Boots 

Statement on Shared Governance

Shared governance, sometimes referred to as participatory governance, is the method in which campus constituent groups makes recommendations and participate in campus decision-making processes. As outlined in the statutory framework below, faculty have a specific role to play within the decision-making process as it pertains to academic and professional matters.

2021-2022 SDCC Academic Senate Meeting Dates

Fall 2022

  • Academic Senate General Meetings at 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM via Zoom and/or in Room MS 140: 9/12, 9/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/7, 11/28, 12/12.
  • Academic Senate Executive Committee Meetings, via Zoom and/or in Room D-121: days and times will vary: 8/29 (2:30), 9/19 (3:45), 10/3 (2:30), 10/17 (3:45), 10/31 (2:30), 11/14 (3:45), 12/5 (3:45). 

Spring 2022

  • Academic Senate General Meetings at 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM via Zoom and/or in Room MS 140: 2/14, 3/7, 3/21, 4/11, 4/25, 5/9, 5/23.
  • Academic Senate Executive Committee Meetings, via Zoom and/or in Room D-121: days and times will vary: 2/7 (3:45), 2/28 (2:30), 3/14 (3:45), 4/4 (2:30), 4/18 (3:45), 5/2 (2:30), 5/16 (3:45).



Faculty representation on committees is a vital part of shared governance. The SDCC Academic Senate has a Committee on Committees that appoints faculty to committees at the campus, district, or other affiliate level, which includes appointments to ad-hoc committees and to hiring committees for positions other than faculty. Per the Senate Bylaws, membership in newly-established committees as well as vacancies on existing committees are to be filled in this manner. A log of committee appointments is kept by the Academic Senate Secretary. 

  • ATTENTION: FACULTY HIRING COMMITTEES: The department chair responsible for the faculty position being filled is responsible for completing this form: Request for Academic Senate Review of Faculty Assigned to a Hiring Committee. Please have faculty interested in being on a hiring committee contact whomever is recruiting for that hiring committee (dean, chair of hiring committee, department chair, other designee) in order to be considered for the committee. The Academic Senate Committee on Committees will review the final list as submitted by the department chair of the faculty position in question.
  • For those heads of committees (including search committees for positions other than faculty hires) seeking faculty appointees, go to our Committee Request Form to initiate the recruitment process. The Committee on Committees intends to fill your request within about 2 weeks of your initial request date. A solicitation notice with the information you've included on the form will be sent to all City College faculty via email, usually on Mondays (holidays excepted).
  • For faculty wishing to be appointed to a committee (other than to a faculty hiring committee-- see above), watch for emails announcing the request for faculty to fill committee appointments. Usually these will go out on Mondays, except holidays. A link to a Google form application will be included in the email for you to complete and submit electronically, usually due by the end of the same week on Friday at 5:00 p.m. A decision should be made by the Committee on Committees within a week of the Google form application's due date.


Curriculum Review Committee:
Chair: Jennifer Boots

Distance Learning Committee:
Co-Chairs: Aileen Gum
Members: Monica Hernandez, John Mercurio, Andrea Milburn, Pamela Moses; Sandra Pesce, Carolyn Thomas.

Elections Committee:
Chair:   Erin Engstrom
Members: Marie St. George

Professional Advancement Committee:
Chair:  Lisa Will
Members:  Guillermo Alvarez, Cassondra Caesar, Sheylia Castillo, Virginia Escalante, Aileen Gum, M. Shane Haggard, LeeAnn Taylor

SDCC Academic Senate Membership Representation

 At-Large - (Representation is vacant)
 Apprenticeship - (Representation is vacant)
 Behavioral Sciences - Marie St. George
 Black Studies - Marcus Taylor
 Business Studies- Tania Serhan
 Chicana/Chicano Studies - Justin Akers
 Communications - Erin Engstrom
 Consumer and Family Studies
 (Child Development/Education) - Denise Blaha
 Cosmetology - Gary Waddy
 Counseling - Andre Sanz
 DSPS - Kari Crawford
 Educational Cultural Complex #1 (Representation is Vacant)
 Educational Cultural Complex #2 (Representation is Vacant)
 Engineering and Technologies - Farnaz Khoromi
 English and Humanities - Ebony Tyree
 Health Exercise Sciences - Dede Bodnar
 History/Political Science - Pete Haro
 Information Technology - Richard Pelletier
 Languages - (vacant)
 Learning Resource Center - Carol Withers
 Life Sciences - Sarah Hawkins
 Mathematics - Nick Slinglend
 Nursing Education - Vasugi White
 Physical Sciences - Gerardo Scappaticci
 Visual/Performing Arts - Katie Stone


 Arts, Humanities and Communications - (Representation is Vacant)
 Behavioral & Social Sciences, and Consumer and Family Studies - Angelica Gonzalez
 Business, Information Technology and Cosmetology - (Representation is Vacant )
 Engineering & Technologies, Mathematics, Sciences and Nursing - (Representation is vacant)
 Health, Exercise Sciences and Athletics - Nick Skvarna
 Off Campus Programs - (Representation is Vacant)