Meeting Days and Time: Specified Fridays TBD, 10:30-11:30, R108

Charge and Decision-Making Responsibilities


  1. To alert faculty to State and district Online education policymatters.
  2. To provide a forum for discussing online instrucitonal issues.


To direct faculty to resources that support best teaching practices and guidelines.

Recommended Functions:

To advise the Faculty Senate of any needed action with regard to Distance Learning.

Operating Procedures

Composition, Rights, and Procedures:

  1. Standing Membership: Membership shall include contract faculty, including the City College Online Faculty Mentor, and adjunct faculty. Standing members will serve for two years. Standing committee membership is formalized by the Senate Executive Committee.
  2. Chair: The chair will be a faculty representative selected by the committee.
  3. Resources Personnel: Additional nonvoting members of the committee may include the following:
    Administrator, SDCCD online learning pathways staff member, Student, Classified staff. These resources personnel will be invited as needed by the committee.
  4. Voting Rights: Voting rights shall be confined to standing members of the committee and to the person holding a written proxy of a standing member of the committee.
  5. Frequency, Time, and Place of Meetings: The Committee will meet monthly in the Learning Resource Center (R108) at a regular time agreed upon by the Committee Members.
  6. Quorum: A quorum shall consist of a majority of the number of standing members.
  7. Agenda: The agenda shall be distributed to all standing members at least two days prior to the meeting and to all interested parties who have requested a hearing through the chair.
  8. Minutes: Minutes of all meetings shall be taken as deemed necessary and shall be distributed to the standing members of the committee, all resource personnel in attendance, and to other faculty, staff or students upon request. Minutes shall be posted in a public folder accessible electronically.

Standing and Ad Hoc Subcommittees

  1. The committee may establish standing and ad hoc subcommittees as needed.
  2. Membership composition shall be established by the committee.
  3. Appointments shall be made by the chair.
  4. The subcommittee shall make its recommendations to the Chair at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Reporting/Recommending Responsibilities

  • The Distance Learning Committee is a standing committee of the Academic Senate

Record of Meeting Minutes

Click here for Meeting Minutes.


2017 Recommendations for Online Class Visits During the Faculty Evaluation Process


2018-19: Aileen Gum, Monica Hernandez, David King (on leave), John Mercurio, Andrea Milburn, Pamela Moses, Marina Parenti, Sandra Pesce, Carolyn Thomas.

Click here for list of members from 2013-2018.