This page contains the professional development calendar and highlights activities that are coordinated by the Professional Development office.



Featured Activities


Academy for Remote Teaching

The Professional Development office at City is excited to offer the Academy for Remote Teaching (ART). In conjunction with AFT's Mentorship Program (M&M), ART will assist faculty as you prepare to teach remotely and online this fall.

March 2020 Online Learning Pathways Training Schedule

District Online Learning Pathways Workshop Schedule

The District Online Learning Pathways team manages the Canvas learning management system by providing training and support to students and faculty. Their upcoming training schedule will be posted here.

 Best Practices For Teaching in the Community College

Best Practices For Teaching in the Community College (from CORA - Center for Organizational Responsibility and Advancement)

This program provides community college educators with practical and progressive techniques on what to do inside and outside the classroom to help students succeed at the highest levels. These practices and strategies can be applied to both in-person and online learning formats.

Last updated: 2020-09-29