You are transferring from another college or university outside of the San Diego Community College School District, lets get started at City! 

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Request support:


1. Apply to San Diego City College!

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What to have when completing the application for admission

If you have been issued a social security number or other government issued identification numbers, please report. 
High School unweighted cumulative Grade Point Average 
Highest High School English course completed (C or better) and grade you received in it. 
Highest High School Math course completed (C or better) and grade you received in it. 



***City Get Connected Survey!***

The City Get Connected Survey will support you in getting connected with on campus, and online support services and programs to aid you in your time at San Diego City College!
In the survey, you will have the opportunity to learn about San Diego City College programs and services, while identify those you would like support or more information from. By selecting the program or service, we will share your desired contact information and they will reach out to you to become connected!
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2. Get Help with Paying Campus Fees!

Option #1: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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Option #2: California Dream Act Application

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San Diego City College School Code 



***What to have when completing your Financial Aid Application***

  1. If you have, your social security number or other government issued identification numbers.
  2. Completed taxes for: 
    1. Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Summer 2021, please have 2018 Taxes.
    2. Fall 2021, Spring 2022, or Summer 2022, please have 2019 Taxes.



The San Diego Promise!

The San Diego Promise covers the cost of tuition for two years at San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar colleges, and provides textbook grants of $400 per year to students who also qualify for a fee waiver (the California College Promise Grant, formerly known as the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver).
The San Diego Promise program is open to all first-time/full-time students who are recent high school graduates. In addition, there are limited spaces available for students who do not meet the above requirements, and who are...
- Former foster youth
- Formerly incarcerated
- Adults returning to school
- Those who cannot attend full-time due to unique circumstances
- DACA recipients.


Click here to apply!
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What to have when completing the San Diego Promise application:
1. User ID Number (Student ID Number) 
2. Completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act      Application confirmation number




3.Submit your transcripts and have them reviewed!

a. Submit Prior Transcripts, including military transcripts

Submission of transcripts:
Due to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the office closure, electronic transcripts, including PDF, are preferred.  We will accept mailed copies but those will be severely delayed until we are permitted to return to work.
When ordering a transcript, if the sending institution has partnered with Credentials/E-Scrip-Safe, the transcript will be sent as a PDF directly to the San Diego Community College District for City College, Mesa College, or Miramar College.
We are currently working to establish direct accounts with Parchment and the National Student Clearinghouse.  In the interim, regardless of the institution you are sending from, request to send the transcript to the following email address:

Email transcripts here!
Please note: Students are responsible for requesting official transcripts from each institution attended to be sent to SDCCD.
Transcripts from foreign institutions are not required.
Transcripts are only accepted from one year after issuance.


b. Processing of your Transcripts:

Once your transcripts are received, it is reviewed for the number of transferable units and for prerequisites.
Please note: Transcripts are not automatically evaluated for a student's educational goal.  Please contact college counseling to determine if you need to submit a Request for Transcript Evaluation form.
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 4. Plan Your Classes and Learn About City!

a. New Student Online Orientation

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b. New Student Educational Planning Workshop

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****Students with disabilities can contact the DSPS (disAbility Support Programs and Services) Office for orientation, accommodations and education planning!***

Call: 619.800.2873
Click here to schedule an appointment with the DSPS office!
For more information visit our website:





 5. Enroll in Your Classes!

a. Activate your mySDCCD Student Portal!

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b. Search, enroll, and pay for your classes!

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