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We are glad that you have selected our college to pursue your academic goals. This webpage is designed to assist Veteran students and/or dependents navigate through City Colleges' programs and services as well as educational benefit requirements. The San Diego Community Colleges have been approved to offer military service connected benefit programs leading to an Associate Degree or transfer to a four-year institution. The time has never been better for military veterans to further their education and training.    

Certification of educational benefits is not automatic; you must submit the following documents in order to be certified.

Spring 2022 certifications will be processed online, via JIRA: https://www.sdccd.edu/students/forms-and-documents.aspx 

Continuing Students

What makes me a continuing student? You are considered a continuing student, if you have used education benefits at City College within the last two years. Submit the following forms after you have successfuly registered in your courses for the term. Label the items (term, year & initials of form) Example: spring2022SW-for spring 2022,semester worksheet.

Continuing Veterans should submit these forms in one ticket via JIRA.   SUBMIT FORMS ONLINE


VA DEFERMENT CONTRACT - for Post 9/11 and VR&E only (DC)

CLASS ADJUSTMENT - Submit only if you make changes to your classes (add/drop) (CA.)

New Students

If this is your first semester using your education benefits at City College, submit the following documents online. When submitting forms cluster them in this order via JIRASUBMIT FORMS ONLINE

  • VERIFICATION OF VETERAN STATUS (attach DD-214 Member-4) (DD214)
  • VERIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR EDUCATION BENEFITS (Attach Certificate of Eligibility or similar) (COE)

Label the updated forms based on TERM, YEAR, initials for the form. (Exp.FALL21SW) (fall 2021 semester worksheet)

If you were flagged a nonresident you will need to complete the veteran exemption form below 

We are working hard to assist you with your education benefits. 


Please include your 10 digit college ID number in the subject line of the email.

For general questions you can visit our VA virtual lobby:


Monday - Thurday: 9AM-1PM

For specific questions about your certification, contact the School Certifying Officials

Based on case load (last name)

Alyssa Antonio, SCO (A-L)


Carolina Vargas, SCO (M-Z)


Dora Meza, Acting Director of Enrollment Services



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Instagram/Twitter: @SDCITYVETS


Veterans Services is committed to helping student veterans make the best choices possible while attending by providing the maximum assistance, guidance, and support using the new educational benefits. The Veterans Services office & Veterans Service Center work collectively with on-campus and off-campus resources to provide quality service to all military-affiliated students by connecting them to campus resources, empowering them to successfully transition to college and equip them to be productive in the civilian workforce.

Student Outcomes

Students will...

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply and identify the process necessary to utilize VA educational benefits and entitlements.
  • Identify VA and College policies regarding their benefits.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of requirements for obtaining and maintaining VA benefits.
  • Demonstrate ability to contact the VA Administration Office for additional services.
  • Identify other key resources on campus that are necessary for successful completion of their educational goals.