Student Success and Equity: Empowering our Campus Community One Student at a Time

San Diego City College is committed to improving and strengthening student equity and success. To that end, the College has developed a Student Success Initiatives Committee (SSIC), which serves as the 'umbrella' committee for workgroups and task forces that support student success through innovative and diverse student-based initiatives. Focus areas may include, but are not limited to, Title 5/HSI planning, implementation of Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) projects, Student Equity Workgroup initiatives, and campus-based research development and analysis. Reporting directly to the SDCC President's Council, the SSIC provides a platform for college-wide collaboration, discussion and integration of student support programs and services in an ongoing effort to insure equitable academic access and achievement.



In the Fall of 2013 the City College President and Vice Presidents of Student Services and Instruction invited administrators, faculty, staff and students to participate in an SSSP Summit.  The presentation included the history of Matriculation and transition to the Student Services Support Program with the goal of increasing student access and success by providing students with the core services and support services to assist in achieving their educational goal.  The Completion by Design initiative was described with the Four Key Phases of the Student Experience from Connection to Entry to Progress and Completion.  The recommendations and goals identified by the Student Success Task Force of the state of California SSSP Act 2012 served as the foundation for the development of the Student Success and Support Program plan.


Following the breakout discussions at the Summit, SSSP committees were formed to address core services and student success activities:

Career / Education Planning & Degree Completion Committee - Implement proven successful practices and strategies which will allow for all incoming students to receive mandatory Orientation, Assessment, Counseling, Advising and Other Education Planning services.


Programs & Enrollment Management - Establish system-wide enrollment priorities to reflect the core mission of transfer, career technical education and basic skills development; follow-up services with instructional faculty, counselors and instructional/student support programs. 


Communications and Technology Committee - Develop and use centralized and integrated technology to better guide students in their educational process.  This includes technology tools to support education planning services:  Online Orientation; MyCityCollege APP; Got an Ed Plan campaign; college website; assessment and placement preparation for Accuplacer