The fitness center provides a wonderful opportunity for students and faculty to improve their overall fitness in the areas of flexibility, cardiovascular efficiency, muscular endurance, muscular strength and body composition.

For more info on the Fitness Center and/or Lifelong Fitness Lab contact: 
Paul Greer ( at (619) 388-3704.

The 3000-square foot Fitness Center opened in 1992 and offers fitness and exercise facilities.

It is located north of the Harry West Gymnasium, on Park Boulevard.



"I am a disabled student and before I started working out at San Diego City College I needed both knees replaced, left shoulder surgery and bunion surgery on both feet. Due to the exercise classes offered in the fitness center I do not need any of these surgeries. The exercises helped my movement so much and I have lost weight. I feel better and do not hesitate every semester to enroll in the Fitness Center. My only regret is that I did not start the Fitness Center exercises in 1995 when I began attending City College. Thanks to the City College Fitness Center professors I now have renewed mind and body". - Chelsee White
"I enjoy the Fitness Center professors because they make us work very hard until I see the results. I see it". - Lucento Sanchez
"After 2 years working out at the City College Fitness Center my back pain is gone. I have gained greater endurance with greater strength and all my clothes fit better while wearing a medium shirt size. In short, this Fitness Center has helped me become more toned". - Clifford Fleischbein