Meeting Days and Time: Every other Tuesday, 2:30 - 4:30 p.m., R-212

Charge and Decision-making Responsibilities

  • Provides college-wide input on shared governance issues through review and discussion.
  • Serves as the main policy body that forwards recommendations on shared governance issues to the district and Board of Trustees not requiring primary reliance or mutual agreement between the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees or its designee.
  • Assists in disseminating and interpreting policies and procedures to the appropriate constituent groups.
  • Requests, considers, and makes recommendations to the College President on proposals from major decision-making groups (Instructional Services Council, Student Services Council, Master Planning, Assessment and Resource Oversight Council, Institutional Technology Council, Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Associated Students Government, Administrative Cabinet, Public Art on Campus).
  • Oversees self-study and accreditation process.
  • Coordinates the implementation of the Accreditation Team Report recommendations.
  • Approves self-study report and planning agenda items.
  • Organizes and tracks the flow of information between and among college decision-making groups.
  • Facilitates communication and appropriate involvement of all members of the college community.

Operating Procedures

  • Refers and/or redirects the issue or proposal to one or more Council, Standing Committee or Governance Group for appropriate research, discussion, debate, development, and recommendation to the College Council.
  • Receives proposals or accepts identified issues from any individual or group within the college and;
  • Forwards recommendations on shared governance issues not requiring primary reliance or mutual agreement between the Academic Senate and Board of Trustees. These recommendations are submitted to the College President and District Chancellor for action, or for presentation to the Board of Trustees for action.
  • Establishes rules of order and other processes to be used by the College Council in the deliberation on college issues related to shared governance.
  • Forwards any policy and procedural recommendation related to academic and professional matters requiring primary reliance or mutual agreement between the Academic Senate will be forwarded to the Academic Senate for review and approval.
  • Tracks the work effort of the various governance groups.
  • Organizes the flow of communication among and between groups.
  • Reports on the status of issues before the governance groups.
  • Coordinates the maintenance of the governance information system.
  • Formulates appropriate recommendations for submission to the College President, where no additional information or participation is required.
  • Determines that an issue is not within the scope of shared governance or is not appropriate for consideration by the College Council.
  • Strives to achieve consensus on all issues before forwarding its recommendations
  • Since consensus may not mean total agreement on every issue brought to the College Council, it is recognized that a minority opinion may be recorded. 

Agenda, Minutes and Related Administrative Activities

  • Agendas and minutes shall be taken and disseminated.
  • Minutes shall be posted in a public folder accessible electronically.

Reporting/Recommending Responsibilities

  • College President
  • Chancellor
  • Board of Trustees
  • Constituent Groups

Standing Committees

  • Executive Cabinet
  • Review of Services Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Public Art on Campus (ad hoc)

Committee Members

Contact your representative to place items on the next agenda.

Ricky Shabazz                     President

Paul Alexander                   President, Academic Senate

Luis Perez                            President Elect, Academic Senate

Matilda Chavez                   Vice President, Instruction

Robbi Ewell                          Chair, Institutional Technology Council

Cesar Gumapas                   Public Information Officer

Denise Whisenhunt           Vice President, Student Services

Susan Murray                      Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Chair, MPAROC

Josolyn Hill                           Supervisory Representative

Jeanie Tyler                          Administrative Representative

Nadia Mandilawi                President, Chairs’ Cabinet

Destiny Munoz                    President, Associated Students

Pending                                 Vice President, Associate Students

Awana Payne                       President, Classified Senate

John Parker                        Vice President, Administrative Services

Record of Agendas and Meeting Minutes