Please see below for frequently asked questions. For additional information on the San Diego Promise Program, please contact our San Diego Promise office:

City College First Year Services (FYS)
(619) 388.3998  or 619)-800-3464  or 


Students who have are eligible to participate in the San Diego Promise program will receive an email invitation to electronically sign a Promise contract starting May 1, 2022 To secure your space in the program, sign and submit your Promise contract. 
No, the San Diego Promise program is not income based.
No, CCPG is income based, only waives enrollment fees, and does not have a unit requirement. San Diego Promise program is not income based, provides up to two years of free enrollment and health fees, and has a minimum unit requirement of 12 units.
Students who do not enroll in a minimum 12 units may become ineligible for the program in future semesters. If you are unable to enroll in 12 units due to extenuating circumstances, please contact your Promise coordinator, Brenda Torres at . Does not apply to DSPS students with eligible accommodations.
No, book grants are awarded based on students' financial aid need.
Students that sign a Promise contract will have their enrollment and health fees automatically waived by the San Diego Promise program. No direct cash disbursements will occur for the purpose of paying enrollment and health fees. 
Yes, if students do not enroll in 12 units within the given deadlines and does not complete the appeal process will be dismissed from the program. Students may be responsible for paying their enrollment and health fees.