Dr. Heather McGray
Phone: 619.388.4412
Office: S-311E 

Erin McConnell, Life Sciences Department Chair
Phone: 619.388.4411
Office: S-311C

Erin Rempala
Phone: 619.388.3712
Office: S-311Q

Jennifer Chambers
Phone: 619.388.4415
Office: S-311M

Dr. Kevin JagnandanLife Sciences Department Co-Chair
Phone: 619.388.4413
Office: S-311G

Dr. Sarah Hawkins
Phone: 619.388.3550
Office: S-311O

Dr. Roya Lahijani
Phone: 619.388.3289
Office: S-311L


**Note, due to COVID-19 campus closure no faculty members have access to office phone numbers or offices listed here. Please use email.