Part 1Send transcripts to City College.

Request to send the transcript to the following email address:

Go on to your student portal after 8 weeks. Find the "My Academics" then to "Advising Notes" to see if the transcript has been received. If after 60 days you do not see them posted as "received", you can email and let them know that you want to follow up on your request.


Part 2: For Transcript Evaluation

Once your transcripts are showing as "received" in your portal, you will need to complete Part 2. 

In part 2, you will need to do an online form to request to now have the transcripts articulated

1. Please go to the following link.

2. Scroll all the way down to the Counseling section of the web page.

3. Find the below text: Students should meet with a counselor prior to submitting the following forms.

4. Click on the white button that confirms you have seen a counselor.

5. Click on the form that says "Request for Transcript Evaluation"


A form will open up. Please complete and submit the form.

Once the transcripts have been articulated your status in your portal will say "Evaluated". You can now see a counselor to update your educational plan. Your articulated courses will now be visible and included in your educational plan.