LVN-RN & Generic ADN Application Period

ADN: MARCH 14 -TO APRIL 15, 2022 


Prior to applying, please refer to the SDCC Nursing Education Program TEAS Policy and the NURSING GENERAL INFORMATION PACKET.


  • Complete prerequisites with a minimum grade of or better and a combined grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher is required to apply.*** Applications with less that a 2.5 or higher GPA in the combined 3 sciences are disqualified and not reviewed.
    • Biology 205, Microbiology, 5 semester units or equivalent.*
    • Biology 230, Human Anatomy, 4 semester units or equivalent.**
    • Biology 235, Human Physiology, 4 semester units or equivalent.*
  • Students are required to achieve a passing score of 62% or higher in each subscale on the TEAS test to be eligible to apply. The total score is used to calculate points on the application.

Acceptance into the program is determined through the use of the California Community College Chancellor's Office multi-criteria point system.  The multi-criteria point system includes, but is not limited to, pre-requisite course GPA in three science classes, a FIXED SET GPA, TEAS score, degrees, CNA, health care work experience, life experiences and second language proficiency. 


1. Attend one of the "General Information" and "Application" workshops held every month. Our faculty will guide you through our program & how to apply.

2. Take the TEAS. San Diego City College Nursing Education requires a score of 62% or higher in each subscale - remember to submit your results via ATI.

3. Submit all of your official transcripts. Students must request evaluation of transcripts - see General Information page for details.

4. Attach all supporting documentation to your application. This includes all unofficial transcripts, licenses, supporting letters, etc. They must be in PDF format.

5. Once the application period begins, the link to apply will become live. 

6. You can access the updated application checklist here.


If you have specific questions regarding transcripts, enrollment, etc. The San Diego City College Counseling Department is available to help with all general needs. 

15-minute quick Drop in Counseling:

1-hour appointments for continuing students:

Live E counseling-Appointments

If you are having trouble scheduling an appointment through eSARS, please email the front team at to have the appointment scheduled manually.

No access to smart devices or computer? If you do not have access to a smart device please let us know. Contact our new Google number to reach the counseling front desk staff. +1 (619) 894-6118.