Resources for Program Review at San Diego City College - Fall 2021

Program Review information should be submitted in Taskstream by November 1, 2021. Programs in Group III will be updating their Comprehensive Plan to identify new improvement goals, while Groups I and II will report progress from the past year. All areas will continue to report annually on assessment of Program Outcomes (Program SLOs or Administrative Outcomes).

Below is a recommended timeline for program planning to ensure the process is complete by the November 1 due date. 

  • Clarify responsibilities for documenting dialogue within programs and entering information into Taskstream
  • Develop agendas for program/unit discussions in September and October
  • Review current Program Outcomes, ISLO mapping, and assessment results
  • Review the Program Review Handbook to clarify what is included for your area this year. Use the Guiding Questions to prompt discussion.
  • Share expectations with colleagues or staff. Document dialogue using the meeting template or a comparable format
  • Draft your responses and review with your colleagues or staff. Enter information into the appropriate template in Taskstream.
  • Develop resource requests - budget allocations, equiment, or positions - and upload the complete templates 
November 1, 2021
  • Last day to submit required entries in Taskstream and upload completed resource request forms

Other Resources